A grateful note on the life of Carlos S. Alvarado and the kindness of those who miss him

A year ago I wrote a blog entry about my work, my interest in education, the community of educators in Second Life, and my husband’s book on Charles Richet.

Two or three months after I wrote about my intention to write more regularly for this blog, my beloved husband began to show symptoms that we took to be a consequence of a medication that had mental confusion as a known side effect. In January of 2021 he had neurosurgery on tumors that were found during a visit to local ER four days earlier. A month later he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. After many months of treatment, he transitioned to an at-home hospice program, and passed away peacefully on July 16th.

I am just beginning to move forward and expect that I will always grieve for this amazing man. But comments like that of Christian Lee Miranda who responded to my previous entry have flowed in on my social media, in Carlos’s emails, and in my emails have all made me realize that my husband was appreciated and will be missed by so many people all over the world. Learning that the person you were lucky enough to have spent decades with was so important to so many others is so wonderful, and such a gift to all of us who loved him.

While he was a tireless researcher and writer, the most important part of his work to him was helping people, mentoring new students and new researchers, and people who came to him for information just because they found his work and his topics interesting. When his illness made it difficult for him to speak clearly, he was still trying to get across that helping people was his primary concern.

I am grateful to Christian Lee Miranda and to everyone else who have shared their love and admiration for this extraordinary man.

For an entry I wrote for Carlos’ blog that includes a link to his biography in the Psi Encyclopedia, and to the video interview from October of 2002 that was posted recently on the Parapsychology Foundation YouTube channel, click here.

I hope to continue blogging here more often, but I have learned this past year that the future is hard to predict.

I end this entry as I did that entry on Carlos’ blog, with my favorite photo of Alvarado.

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. (1955-2021)

About Nan Zingrone

An experienced Moodler, passionate about online education, psychology, history of psychology, exceptional experiences, survey research, and the Chilbo Community in Second Life.
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4 Responses to A grateful note on the life of Carlos S. Alvarado and the kindness of those who miss him

  1. Nancy, this has been a hard year for many of us but mostly for you, I still find it hard to believe that Carlos has gone. However his legacy will continue to live on and through you will expand to reach even those that will meet him through his work in the future.

  2. Lisa Cree says:

    Losing someone is never easy, but enduring memories of our experiences together offer respite.
    It is okay to be where you are at any given moment. Just remember to be gentle with yourself. You are not alone- he is there, just in another form.
    Love and light to you.

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