Rafe Esquith and WizIQ Conversations with Incredible Teachers

I’ve been blogging for WizIQ on and off for a few months now. It’s a privilege. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life been around a group of people with more passion for education, with more expertise, and with more enthusiasm and heart. That’s saying a lot, because I have been blessed to have worked with a number of groups of people who are great people, giving of themselves, understanding, and full of fun. But this group — well, just amazing.

One of the bloggers on WizIQ who is also an evangelist for the system, and a Moodle trainer and master teacher of English as a Second Language (and just a master teacher of teaching), Dr. Nellie Deutsch, conducts occasional live webinars in which she interviews incredible teachers on their approach to their profession. In the past, she has interviewed Dr. Michael Wesch, an innovative anthropology professor who has focused on the impact of the internet on students’ lives, among many other things, and Dr. Sugata Mitra, whose “Hole in the Wall” experiment proved that children, left to their own devices, will build on their innate curiosity to teach themselves. I won’t be surprised if one day I hear that she’s got Sir Ken Robinson, an articulate and insightful advocate of creativity in education, to come round to WizIQ and talk.

This time, at 7pm Eastern on Thursday, September 5th, Dr. Nellie will be interviewing Rafe Esquith, an award-winning, highly successful elementary school teacher from Los Angeles. Her blog on Rafe, available now on the WizIQ blog site, highlights this incredible teacher in advance of Thursday night’s conversation. She includes a YouTube video of Esquith’s interview on Tavis Smiley’s very smart PBS cable show that gives you a character of Esquith’s approach to learning and the classroom. So many great teachers share his approach: creative and happy chaos that includes belief in the kids in the classroom, belief that they can all reach beyond themselves to learn more, and to develop life long skills to keep learning in the foreground of those activities that make them happy and successful.

Signing up for the conversation on WizIQ will mean that if you can’t make it to watch it in real time, you’ll be able to loop back to WizIQ and watch it later. Enjoy!


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