Why Teachers Love Technology

A while back I got an email from a new friend who had built a really gorgeous graphic for a blog on www.onlineuniversities.com. It’s just an amazing visual commentary on the growth of technology use among teachers, including the growth of social media use.

I must say I resonate to everything. I have a laptop and yesterday I was telling another new friend that I never thought I would want an iPad, and then my husband won an iPad in a raffle and handed it over to me and it’s been welded to my hip ever since. Like the teachers in the graphic, I’m surfing educational websites through my iPad, watching lectures from the Virtual Classroom on WizIQ, reading past issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education and even downloading apps that help me practice Spanish.

Well, let me not spare you the experience of enjoying this wonderful graphic. Thanks Allison Morris for creating such a great graphic and sharing it with me! And even though you enjoy it here, go check out OnlineUniversities.com, read the blog, and share the graphic for yourself.

Retrieved from OnlineUniversities.com What do we Know Infographic


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